Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Time Line (Constant Work in Progress)

Original timeline authored by the "NeverSleepAgain" post #489 from the Lemme Article. This forum uses basic data from that original timeline but is being highly modified.

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Important: Motel receipt dates and times are correct. Motel receipt dates/times are provided by two independent 3rd parties who must maintain correct timestamps to operate as a business. Motel check-in by central motel franchise booking system. Motel check-out by credit card provider and can be verified by issuing bank and card company with the information visible on the receipt. These times will be noted as [RECEIPT].

Important: Sgt. Eugene Bell of the VPD confuses at least one date in his report. "He claimed to have seen Lemme's vehicle parked in the parking area adjacent room #132 since the previous Sunday afternoon (June 30, 2003) at aproximately 1530 hours." Sunday was June 29th, not June 30th. Since the reference to the date is in parentheses, we must assume that is a annotation made by Bell. We must take "Sunday" as the word of the witness. This verification will be noted as [BELL-ADJ].


SUNDAY - June 29th, 2003

3:30 PM (approx)[BELL-ADJ] - First witness sighting of Lemme in police reports. Knight's Inn Motel occupants (Michael Davies and Palmer) in room #234 (directly above room#132) notice Lemme's vehicle, Tan Chevy Malibu, parked in spot in front of room #132.

6:44 PM [RECEIPT] - Raymond Lemme checks in at Knight's Inn Motel - Valdosta, GA.

MONDAY - June 30th, 2003

5:15 AM (approx) - Lemme leaves his home in Talahassee, FL.
Lemme tells wife (Mary Ann Lemme) he is going to work and will call her later.

6:15-6:20 AM - Purported time Lemme places phone call to Robert Clift.
According to police reports, the phone assigned to the number (997-3845) came from a "Pay Fast Track". This is a cash advance/payday loan business.

6:30 AM - Robert Clift (Lemme's boss) reports he arrives to work and listens to 6:20AM voicemail from Lemme. Clift states that Lemme said he'd, " in late, something's come up, I'll call you later," in the voicemail.

6:54 AM [RECEIPT]- Raymond Lemme checks out from Knight's Inn Motel - Valdosta, GA.

?? 8:10 AM - Raymond Lemme's suicide note. This is the time written on the note. Unable to confirm date.

2:00 PM - Attorney Lemme had 1:30PM appointment with calls Robert Clift.
Attorney tells Robert Clift that Lemme didn't show up to meeting.

4:00 PM - Robert Clift leaves voicemail at Lemme's home.
Clift was calling to check up with Lemme since he had missed his 1:30 appt.

6:45 PM - Mary Ann Lemme (wife) comes home, Raymond Lemme is not home.

(time?) Evening - Mary Ann Lemme and Robert Clift file missing persons reports with Florida police.

TUESDAY - July 1, 2003

7:30 AM (approx) - Occupant's daughter in room #236 noticed 2 men standing in parking lot. Occupant's daughter is named "Heather". Heather described the 2 men she saw as black and standing in parking lot across from room #132.

8:00 AM (approx) - Occupant (Judy) in room #236 noticed 3 suspicious men (1 white, 2 black) standing in parking lot across from room #132 (Lemme's room). They were speaking in normal conversation, normal tones. Descriptions: White male, no further description. Black male #1-6ft 200 lbs. light skinned. Black male #2-180 lbs. dark skinned.

?? 8:10 AM - Raymond Lemme's suicide note. This is the time written on the note. Unable to confirm date.

11:05 AM (approx) - Knight's Inn housekeeper "Adrian" makes first attempt to enter room #132, but can not.

11:10 AM (approx) - Motel clerk "Sabita Vallait" attempts to call room #132, but no answer. Tells Adrian to wait for sometime before trying to gain entry again.

11:30 AM (approx) - Adrian makes attempt #2 to enter room #132, but can not.

11:35 AM ~ 12:45 PM (approx time span) - Sabita Vallait attempts to call room #132, again no answer. She knocks and yells, with no answer. She trys to gain entry with master key, but the swing latch is engaged and she can't get in. Motel Manager tells her to call police.

1:06 PM - First Officer arrives on scene.

1:20 PM (approx) - Police gain entry into room and find Raymond Lemme dead in the shower.